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With this fast-paced truck driver training program, you will accomplish great things by the end of the first week. Students of the training program will find that, although demanding, the course is also very rewarding.

During the first week of class, you will meet your instructor and learn about the safety procedures, mechanical operations, and log requirements of truck driving. There may be homework every day throughout the program, but you will find that the more you work, the sooner you will accomplish your goals.

Of course the real fun starts when you get in the trucks. After attending classroom instruction, your time spent in the trucks will teach you how to:

  • Turn the tractor-trailer.
  • Handle railroad crossings and intersections.
  • Drive in city and highway traffic.
  • Back up the tractor-trailer.
  • Couple and uncouple the tractor to the trailer.
  • Inspect your equipment, including the complete pre-trip inspection.
  • Test your brakes.

After successful completion of the C.R. England truck driving training course and upon meeting our hiring requirements, you will be hired, receive your CDL, and be assigned to a certified Over-the-Road Driver Mentor. With your mentor, you will be given opportunities to gain a personal understanding of your new career and have the valuable information you learned in class reinforced through first-hand driving experience.

A general outline of the requirements for a truck driving school candidate are listed below. For more information regarding these requirements, please call (800) 421-9004.

  • Be at least 21 years old.
    • Those 23 years old and younger need to have a clean driving record.
  • Have a satisfactory employment record.
  • Complete all portions of the driver application, including:
    • Three years of employment history.
    • Phone numbers with area code for all employment history.
    • Have a clean driving record.
  • Pass a mandatory drug screen.
  • Be able to pass a Department of Transportation physical from a doctor at the direction of C.R. England.
  • Have results of the physical that meet minimum standards, including:
    • A blood pressure rating of 140/90 or less.
    • An eyesight rating of 20/40 or better.
    • A horizontal field of vision rating of no less than 80 degrees.
  • Pass a C.R. England road test.
  • Show an original Social Security Card that:
    • Has not been laminated
    • Has not been copied
  • Understand that firearms are strictly forbidden on C.R. England property.
  • Meet criminal record policy requirements.

For more information, please call a recruiter at (800) 421-9004.

The D.O.T. requires that each driver meet certain qualifications and pass a physical exam (Code of Federal Regulations, title 49, sec. 391). We are fortunate to have medical facilities at each of our schools to accommodate these tests. Our goal is to help you stay healthy!


  • Vision – Must be corrected to at least 20/40 or better in both eyes
  • Drug/alcohol screening
  • Respiratory, cardiac, medical history and medications screening
  • Hearing test with or without hearing aid
  • Blood pressure must be 140/90 or better


A basic physical ability test is given to make sure you can:

  • Walk under a trailer
  • Climb into and out of a trailer with 3 points of contact, no jumping
  • Lift a 35 lbs. box from the ground up and over your head 3 times


The following medical conditions require additional screenings. If any of the following apply, please contact Lakeside Medical Clinic (877) 341-2591 for information about D.O.T. medical requirements:

• Diabetes/High Glucose
• Psychotropic Medications
• Unresolved Injuries
• Prescription Narcotic Medications

Get ready for class. Take your Practice CDL Test!

Take our CDL Practice Test to get a feel of what the real thing will be like. It was created using actual questions from prior tests. The questions you find on a real CDL test may vary, but the concepts remain the same.


  • Remember to bring extra money for food and personal items for the entire duration of your school time. (Minimum 10 days)

Required Documents

  • Valid Driver’s License (if a paper copy you will also need to provide your last expired Driver’s License containing your photo)
  • Valid Class A Permit or CDL
  • Medical Certificate
  • Valid non-laminated Social Security Card
  • Birth Certificate with raised State Seal
  • Proof of Residence that matches the address on your current Driver’s License

Speak with your Recruiter to find out if you need to bring any of the following:

  • Accident Reports: Any accident report dated less than 5 years.
  • Traffic Tickets: Moving violations issued in the last 3 years.
  • Work History: W-2/1099 filed.
  • Court Documents: Documents indicating final disposition of any case.
  • Miltary Release: DD214 member copy 4
  • Any Other Documents Requested

Bring ALL REQUIRED DOCUMENTS or you may be sent home at your own expense.

Hygiene, Clothing, and Sleeping Items

Important Items

  • Contacts or glasses
  • CPAP Machine for sleep apnea
  • Medications or prescriptions


  • Money for food and personal items
  • Duffel bag to pack all items except bedding
  • 7-10 days of clothing
  • Cleaning, shower & laundry supplies
  • Bedding, pillows, sleeping bag, sheets & a blanket
  • Closed toe shoes, work gloves, sunglasses & jacket
  • Medications
  • Small laundry bag & change
  • Towel, shampoo & soap
  • Deodorant
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Eyeglasses/contacts (2)
  • Small notebook and pens
  • Flashlight
  • Coat and Warm Clothes

Once you have been scheduled into the Salt Lake City Facility your recruiter will give you a confirmation number for your Greyhound Bus Ticket. Since many of the Greyhound stations ticket offices are closed on the weekend, it is recommended you pick up your ticket prior to the travel date.

If you are unable to make the bus scheduled, notify your recruiter immediately.

Here at C.R. England you can make a great living. As a solo driver in your 1st year, you can make an average of $917 per week. Our top performing new solo drivers earn more than $1,066 per week! What a great reason to become a driver today!

You can also choose to team drive with your friend or family member! With the Safe & On-Time bonus, you can earn $.40 cents per mile to $1.28 per mile split between you and your teammate right after completing the mentoring program. By month 3 as a team, you can earn as much as $.51 cents per mile to $1.28 split with the Safe & On-Time bonus! That’s over 10 cents in mileage increases in just a couple of months!

Even better- once you hit 6-months, you may be eligible to become a Mentor. This position is the highest paid at C.R. England. Mentors at 6-months can average $1,636 per week and our top performing mentors average $1,843 per week!

The job information and data provided on any of those sites are for informational purposes only, are based in whole or in part on estimates, and do not represent any type of promise or prediction of future performance or employment. Actual pay, miles, and home time will vary depending on individual factors and circumstances, and all of the information and data contained on any C.R. England job board posting or CareerTrak page, or other company site, is subject to change without notice. Individual driver results will vary depending on many factors, including but not limited to, tenured-based pay rates, fleet assignment, how much a driver works, how many miles a driver drives, company performance, driver performance, and jurisdictional considerations. PAST PERFORMANCE AND THE INFORMATION CONTAINED ON ANY C.R. ENGLAND JOB BOARD POSTING OR CAREERTRAK PAGE, OR OTHER COMPANY SITE, ARE NO GUARANTEE OF FUTURE PAY RESULTS, REVENUE, MILES, OR HOME TIME. ANY AMOUNTS IN ANY CATEGORIES ON ANY OF THOSE SITES WILL NOT REFLECT ACTUAL FUTURE RESULTS. If a driver is or becomes employed by C.R. England and is assigned to a fleet, the fleet will have a set of Driver Understandings specific to that fleet. With the exception of this Disclaimer and the Driver Employee Policy Manual, to the extent there is any difference between the information and data contained in the applicable Driver Understandings and the information and data contained elsewhere, the Driver Understandings shall generally govern. Drivers are responsible for reviewing and following their respective fleets’ Driver Understandings as updated. Because precise rate of pay can be difficult to guarantee in various pay structures common in the transportation industry, drivers are only guaranteed applicable minimum wage for hours worked in a given pay period, regardless of whether the driver’s overall pay is determined through a mileage, ring, base plus bonus, availability, or revenue sharing methodology.

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